About Us

The Heritage Cape Breton Connection is an umbrella co-operative comprised of historical societies and heritage groups from all over Cape Breton Island. We share the common goal of preserving the heritage of the Island. The primary aim is mutual support through shared knowledge and experience. The membership discusses and acts on important policy issues of concern to the whole. Individual concerns can be raised and the membership can rely on the advice and leadership of the group. Biannual meetings always include member reports and continue to be a highlight.

Formerly known as the Iona Connection, the group formed in the early 1980s. Our mission remains the same today, with a focus on being a leading voice in creating an environment where culture and natural heritage are sustained through advocacy, mutual support and shared knowledge. This mission statement incorporates our primary aims that the society had during is creation, that is to work collaboratively by sharing knowledge and experience for the benefit of the heritage and culture network here on Cape Breton Island.

“I have every admiration for the depth of caring of people on this island for local history, local story telling. It takes that kind of drive in order for the heritage to be identified and the way in which it is promoted and carried on to take root.”

Jim St. Clair – Heritage Cape Breton Connection Oral History Preservation Project